I love this chair! It looks like a combination between classic wooden chair with modern office chair. And the result of this combination is weird but amazing. Niobrara Office Chair was designed by Erickson Woodworking using California black walnut and bison leather for the material. This chair will be great for your office, it looks unique but elegant in the same time. More description by Erickson Woodworking:

The Niobrara Office Chair is named after a Nebraska river where, from 1936 to 1941, Robert Erickson’s father worked as a county agricultural agent. This chair brings together California black walnut—harvested in Zamora in the Great Central Valley and dried in our solar kiln—with free-range bison leather from the American Great Plains.

After many iterations, the Niobrara Office Chair arrived at its final form. Our last modification was a new, silent tilting mechanism, which once installed made us fairly satisfied we’d achieved perfection.

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