This is a brilliant table design by Raphaël Ménard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange from ZeroEnergyFurniture. This table has a colling/heating system that helps you save energy and reduce your electricity bill. But how, you ask? It is thanks to the phase-change materials (PCM) that placed between the surface of plain wood and the folded sheet of anodized aluminum. This arrangement allows thermal exchanges between the room and the PCM trough the folded aluminum base. It is kind of a heatsink, but instead for computer it is made for your home! More description by ZeroEnergyFurniture:

How to find more efficient and incentives solutions for the user ? How to improve climatic weel-being?

The Climatic Table addresses an open problem: how solving energy efficiency and climate control issues at the furniture scale rather than at the building scale?

This table has a very high thermal inertia, despite its sharpness. The secret lies into innovative use of phase-change materials (PCM), integrated between the surface of plain wood and the folded sheet of anodized aluminum. The waved geometry of the conductive aluminum fosters thermal exchanges between the room and the PCMs located inside the Climatic Table. The folds of the light-weight sheet of aluminum give also an excellent structural rigidity and carrying strength. Thus, the plateau might have a very large span.

The Climatic Table is the start of a new range of product we are now developing. As an example, for office building, it helps energy savings : up to 60% of heating needs and 30% for cooling demand ! For housing, this furniture reveals its regulator property and allows an higher comfort during hot season. The overheating is absorbed by the Climatic Table and re-emitted when room temperature is tempered.

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