I have seen before that someone used big lens from old TV as a burner for a lot of things, even metal. And now with the same method it used as a grill for BBQ where people can have fun with each other, it is just fantastic. This grill + table was designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai for “Le Affinità Selettive – Premio Lissone Design” exhibition. Using only sunlight trough the fresnel lens, you can grill your favorite foods with your family and friends. Just remember to put the gloves and glasses included, you don’t want your finger burned by the sunlight, right? More description by Lanzavecchia + Wai:

SUNplace is a project created for “Le Affinità Selettive – Premio Lissone Design” an exhibition curated by Aldo Colonetti on the occasion of the Milano Expo 2015.

SUNplace is for cooking and sharing, using the most basic, self-sufficient, clean and inexhaustible energy source : the sun. SUNplace is both object and physical place, where one or a few, can experiment and enjoy together the experience of the solar cooking. A table on which you can cook without emissions; by using the sun’s rays which are concentrated through a fresnel lens onto a cast-iron grill. The station requires the full involvement of all its users, well-equipped and protected by gloves and special glasses; this team-work will also promote interpersonal relationships with conviviality.

Historically the hearth was the center of the tribe and family; SUNplace wants to recover the ritual of the banquet as a shared moment. SUNplace may well become a new core for living outside, an evolution of the ancient “fireplace” that warms entertains and feeds .

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