This is a beautiful table designed by Robert Scott. The base is made of stack laminated blocks of wood while the legs are made of constructional veneers that bent together. The result is this beautiful table in sculptural design. More description by Robert Scott:

Stack lamination and the free bending of wood veneers create the aesthetic of this piece. The main body of the table features stack
laminated blocks of wood which are then carved into free-flowing and abstract forms inspired by rock formations found in Arizona.
The spiral legs are created by the free bending and bonding together of constructional veneers using numerous hand made clamps.
The making of the ‘form or function’ console table was an exercise to blur the boundaries between form and function as well as a
chance to express myself as an artist. The only details that have survived the initial design are the height and width, everything
else has grown out of the lines, shapes and vision that I started with.

Materials: Ash
Finish: Varnish
Dimensions: 1200 x 150 x 750

Tags: beautiful table design, furniture collection, sculptural table,