Just like the name says, this lamp has a feature that is related to eclipse. It shows the time by mimicking the process of eclipse. This simple but stunning clock is designed by Iván Navarro for PK Shop. At midnight it will show no light, then it will illuminated progressively like a real eclipse. Interesting isn’t it? More description by PK Shop:

Eclipse Clock, a stunning minimal art object and functional digital clock designed by celebrated Chilean artist Iván Navarro. The circular surface begins completely dark at midnight, and becomes illuminated progressively as dawn approaches, until it is entirely lit at noon. As the hours pass, the word ‘PETRIFICATION’ gradually appears before the viewer, intended by Navarro as a deliberate reference to the archaeological process wherein historical time is consecrated through layers upon layers of organic sediments. Beneath the art object’s immaculate composition lies a deep meditation on the theme of eternity, as well as the relationship between light, time and motion.

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