This is amazing shelf designed by Willy Chong, a shelf made entirely of paper sheets. Even tough it made of paper, it is sturdy enough to hold your books and other things. This shelf is inspired by the usage of paper in two different culture, Chinese and Sweden. You can see the video here. More description by Willy Chong:

the synthesis of dual heritage – paper

National heritage and traditions shape our everyday lives. History is so much more than a documentation of what once was. It is the very foundation of how our society is today. For a long time my nationalities created problems for me, and to some extent even today. In recent years, I have learned that I am not Chinese or Swedish, and that I do not have to be any of them, but I’m a selection; a synthesis of these two, if not more. Rather than showing the differences between these two cultures I chose to focus on what they have in common. Through two materials, both with roots from China and Sweden, depicted as a shelf and a carpet.

Due to the invention of papermaking and printing in ancient China, a skill that spread by the Silk Road and Sweden mastered in modern times, it was possible to preserve knowledge and stories for the next generation. Therefore, it seemed more than fitting that the depiction would demonstrate that, hence the shape of a shelf; a furniture designed to archive experiences. And to go even one step further, the shelf is only made ​​of paper sheets, those books are made of. The design is straightforward, clean, and honest. The shelf sides consist of overlapping paper sheets to extend the shelf height and are laminated in five layers, as well as all the shelves. Each shelf has a number of tabs that are threaded through the shelf sides and secured by bending the tabs inward, and shapes what I call the “the love handles”.

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