Designed by Zelf Koelman, Ferrolic is an amazing clock that uses an unusual material called Ferro Fluid, a kind of fluid that can be pulled by magnetic field, for the numbers. Looking at this clock is like looking at a living creature. The numbers are moving like the heartbeat, showing that this clock is live. And if you want, you can set the ferro fluid to form recognisable shapes or written characters. You can see how it moves here. More description by Zelf Koelman:

Ferrolic was designed from a strong fascination for the magical material Ferro Fluid. The natural dynamics of this fluid makes that this display bridges the gap between everyday digital screens and tangible reality.

Because the fluid behaves in an unpredictable way, it is possible to give the bodies, perceived in the Ferrolic display, a strong reference to living creatures. It is this livelihood that enables Ferrolic to show a meaningful narrative such as having the creatures play tag. In addition the natural flow of the material, Ferrolic can be used to form recognisable shapes and written characters. Ferrolic uses both information-layers in parallel in order to display scenes and transitions in a poetic, almost dance like, choregraphed way.

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