Designed by Keren Shike, this seating system allows you to shape it as you like. It consists of wooden frames and foam bars that can be slid to shape the chair. This way, you can choose what seating position that you want. Because of the adjustability, this chair is perfect for adult and children. More description by Keren Shike:

‘Sink in’ is an adjustable seating furniture that allows a variety of sitting positions to fit the user comfort in height and size.

The ‘sink in’ is built from two wooden frames filled with sponge units which can be moved back and forth, thereby creating various of different chairs models in various sizes and heights.

The furniture can be placed vertical or horizontal. The frames are made of birch wood, 100/70 cm, inside 204 hard sponge units -70 cm length, width 5 cm.When the furniture is unoccupied it is used as a decorative sculptural element in the space.

Suitable for adults, youth and children that want to relax and sink in.

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