The Aalto Studio formerly is an architect office designed by Alvar Aalto at Tiilimäki 20, Munkkiniemi, Helsinki, Finland. The building built in 1955 and it’s one of the best of Alvar Aalto’s 1950s buildings.

The building consists of two large drafting rooms each shaped like L form. Between the two building in inner courtyard, there’s an amphitheater with a white wall-like in front of it. On this amphitheater, the office staff could sit on the slate steps and listen to lectures or watch slide shows projected on the white wall. The conference room is the perfect room for examining models and drawings because its slanting bay window and the rooflight give enough lights on the room.

“An architect’s studio should provide both peace and quiet for the individual and the possibility of group work. This is the key to the general character of the building. Turning its back on the street in almost Oriental fashion, it opens instead onto an intimate inner garden which rises, amphitheater-like, and thus can also serve as an auditorium,” said Alvar Aalto.

In 1962-1963, a dining room added to the building. The building extended in the courtyard behind the high brick wall.

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